Thursday, March 10, 2016

#SOL16 Day 10 Tired Doesn't Even Begin to Describe It...

#SOL16 Day 10

The room is ready. We have been working for a couple of weeks and all of the work is up and proudly displayed.  We practiced today on taking our parents on a tour of our classroom for tonight's Open House! Yet, all I can think of is give me enough strength to make it through tomorrow. has been a week of inside recess.  Because...of the rain they haven't been able to play at home either.  Because...tonight is Open House.  Because...we come back tomorrow and everyone is antsy. week is Spring Break.  And all I want to do is go home and finish packing for my trip! So for now, I'll have to sit and wait in my classroom.  Which is clean and full of great work!! Their parents will be so proud!! Even though their teacher is so tired!! It really is worth it, isn't it?

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