Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Day 2 #SOL The Potential of One Day

A day. 24 hours. It has the potential to be anything. Its worth may be measured in seconds, minutes, hours or "slices." Today is Dr. Seuss Day. It's our practice state testing day. It is Picture Day. It is Faculty meeting day. It is Date Night Day with my hubby. Whew! So much to do in only the breadth of a day.
Our classroom mantra is flexibility. Whenever my students hear me say this, they repeat, "Just go with the flow." Which is easy to do...until you have a day like today.  Testing has to be done. Pictures have to be taken. Meetings have to be attended. BUT, I have the power to sprinkle in the wonder of reading and writing with my students. To not let the minutia of every day life interrupt us chasing what is most important.  To read or write...the heartbeat of our classroom.
So, today we will celebrate Dr. Seuss. We will read his books. We will find the joy of reading. We will capture the words that show our thoughts!!
The potential of one will you spend yours?


  1. That is an action packed day indeed! I am spending my day reading slices and doing rehab on my knee. Your post makes me miss the hustle and bustle of my "previous life" :-)

  2. Oh yes! So true! There is so much potential in one day!