Friday, March 11, 2016

#SOL16 Day 11 I Think I Will Make It!!

#SOL16 Day 11

Today's slice comes from my morning task. My job this morning was to get up on time. No small feat!! It is the day before we get out for Spring Break.  :) Get ready in under 30 minutes. And then use that extra time to finish packing for my trip. The packing that didn't get finished last night. Not only did I accomplish this task, I also arrived at work early. I was able to prep my room and get ready for my enrichment class. Then I was able to walk for 10 minutes and get a few more steps in. Because getting 12,000 steps today is going to be impossible. We head out of town right after school.  And then I'm in the car for several hours as hubby and I begin our road trip!! But wait, I just checked my Fitbit and I've  already got over 11,000 steps in and it is only 2:00pm This might really happen. Then I can join the road trip, settle in and take a much deserved nap!! :)

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