Monday, March 21, 2016

#SOL16 Day 21 5:30 am came way too early this morning...

#SOL16 Day 21

So over the past 10 days, we have sprung forward on time, I traveled east and lost another hour, flew back home, gained an hour and then set my alarm for 5:30 am this morning. I don't even remember what 5:30 am feels like! But it was brutal this morning people! I turned the alarm off and thankfully awoke 20 minutes later. The first day back to school from Spring Break is hard for everyone! The kids seemed to do fine. They were so excited to be back with their friends. All they wanted to do was talk and share. Couldn't really blame them though. As soon as I saw my friends, I wanted to know how their week had been. We laughed, we reminisced and we sighed. Why is that when you are on school vacations, time seems to go by so quickly?
It was a lot of fun to hear the adventures of others! "Oh, I would like to go there." "I remember when my family took that trip."
We have a short week this week and then a three day weekend for Easter. I guess we can ease our way back into this school thing.  :)
Only 11 more weeks until time is no longer our master!! I can't wait!!


  1. It is painful to be so conscious of time, yet I did the same thing as a teacher...count the days till the next break, and then to the end of the year. We love our jobs, yet we yearn for freedom. I have that freedom now, and I think it tastes better after all

  2. the restriction of teaching for so many years

  3. We are a couple more weeks from spring break but I can't wait to shut off the alarm clock for a few days! I loved the line "time is no longer our master" -- looking forward to that moment!