Wednesday, March 16, 2016

#SOL16 Day 16 A Day in the Sun

#SOL16 Day 16

The beach! We left New Orleans yesterday and arrived last night. So this morning we headed to the beach!! Clouds and rain were forecasted. We got sun. Lots and lots of sun! I even took a weak on the beach for an hour trying to get my steps in! It was a glorious day! With sand between our toes and sun kissed skin, we decided to leave around 3. I can't wait to return again tomorrow and dig my toes in the sand. Something about the beach grounds me. We took trips here when I was a girl. Maybe memories from a time gone by. Goodness this trip is causing lots of reflection, memories and joyful tears!!

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  1. I'm thinking there a few seeds for stories here. What is it about sunshine, sand, and water that makes us feel so grounded? You made me want to be right there with you enjoying sun kissed skin and sand between my toes.