Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Ziplining in Mexico vs Committing to a Writing Camp...I'm not sure which one scared/s me more!

So anyone who knows me, knows how much I hate going to the dentist!! "Would you like numbing gel?" Yes, please.  "Nitrous gas?" Yes, please. And so it was during the last weeks of school, that I found myself in the dentist chair when a text comes through from my sister.  
We were leaving for a trip to Puerto Villarta right after school got out. She had found some excursions that she thought we would all want to do! The trip was called Extreme Adventures!  The word Extreme should have sent warning bells off in my head. I have never zip lined before. Didn't even know that was on my bucket list! And so without thinking, I said yes!! I did make it to Mexico and I did go ziplining.  Fast forward through finishing my first run, hurting my finger, (thinking it was just jammed), to later finding out it was fractured with a 90 degree rotation, to having surgery to having lots of time on my hands due to bedrest and recovery.
So I started spending more time on Twitter. I found Teachers Write 2015. I've always loved to read! I've always loved to write. But I don't make or find the time to write! Here was a challenge to force to me do just that! It is only for a month and it is free! #teacherswrite
Every day in my classroom, I ask my learners to read and write. Is this a scary thing for them? Do they struggle to find their voice and share their passions with me?  I'm not sure where this writing journey will take me, but, I do know that I can be scared and not try or I can zip along and see where it takes me!!

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