Monday, July 6, 2015

#TeachersWrite Day 1

I've been anxiously patiently waiting for today for over a week since I first saw it mentioned on Twitter. Imagine having the opportunity and time to hone our craft as writers. That is exactly what we have been given for the next month. Each day we will be challenged to grow as writers as we focus on one idea at a time. Today's assignment is to wonder and create a list of those wonderings.

So...I wonder...
  • if I will really be able to do this
  • if I will stay committed to the daily task
  • if my students ever feel the way I do about writing

My gut feeling is yes to all three of them. So as I sit here in the library my wonders are:
  • I wonder if anyone is saddened as I am when I walk in and realize that I will never be able to read all of these great books in my lifetime.
  • I wonder if at night when everyone has gone home, do my favorite characters tell their stories to other characters in other books?
  • I wonder besides audio books, what if there was a book that when you opened it the words began to speak? I this my book to write? 

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